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Create free mobile version of website by GinWiz

Now we know that 100% of the people carry mobiles with them. Out of these 100% users 80% of people use their phones. So many bloggers are switching their websites to mobile version.IPhonesalmost every thing can be viewed on our phones. So about 80% of the bloggers get their traffic from mobiles, tablets etc. Actually these smartphones are like computers that can be performed by the computers. These phones are portable too. So anyone, anywhere can get any information from their mobile using internet facility. As a result Google, Bing, yahoo and so on. So yahoo free mobile version of website  is must and it is recommended by best seo specialists toronto

Reason to create a mobile version of the website: Penguin effect

Also as we all bloggers know that penguin algorithm is one again going to be updated in 2013. So it might give higher ranks to websites that has create mobile version of websites. The main and the very basic reason to create mobile version of website is that it will decrease the load time of your site on mobile. thus as a result bounce back of traffic is less and reputation of your website will be increased frequently.

Now question arises How to create free mobile version of website and that too for free:

Well friends the wait is over. By doing some surveys i have come to conclusion that we can create free mobile version of website by using GinWiz. GinWiz has optimized my website for mobile version. Now its your turn to do so.

To create free mobile version of your website by GinWiz click here

GinWiz provides very simple three steps to create mobile version after signing in, that are follows:

  • Write name of your website.
  • Now chose templates and other settings like Google analytic code etc.
  • After completing these two steps, in third step you have to copy the code and paste in <head> section of your website.

Now work is done. So these are the very simple steps to create your free mobile version of website.

Features provided by GinWiz are as follows:

  • It provide very simple way to sign up.
  • Creating the mobile version is also very simple, just like creating facebook account.
  • We can design our site according to our wish.
  • It also provided tablet version that too comes under code. Just pay attention before copying code. There will be an option for tablet. Just tick that option and copy the code.
  • Moreover all such features are provided for free.
  • At last they will ask you for your feedback. So do not forget that too.

This is how you can create free mobile version of website.

Google Analytic:

I am explaining this feature separately due to its massive importance. Gin Wiz not only provide you the mobile version but keeps a record of your page view, traffic, unique visitors and much more. this is where GinWiz asks for analytic code of your website.

So I know that you will like my post. So what are you waiting for just just do it. Just create free mobile version of website by GinWiz. For more information about SEO Services Click here.